Posted by: morgangoesabroad | December 1, 2010

Just Touched Down in London Town

What I am going to miss most about leaving Europe and returning to the states is being able to just pick up and fly to London for the weekend for the sole reason of seeing a movie premier. I love the feeling of being able to go wherever, whenever! That’s enough talk about going home though…

Two weekends ago I did just that- flew to London with a few friends so that we could see the Harry Potter 7 premier in the city of the series’ conception on opening weekend. To describe it in a few words: Best weekend ever. Not only was the movie (in my opinion) the best one yet, but I also got to see a bunch of my friends from Washington College who were studying in and around London. It was so cool to all meet up in Europe and I hadn’t realized just how much I missed everyone until we were face to face. Two of my friends are actually working for members of parliament as a part of their program and took us on a full tour of Parliament. I have been to London and seen the outside of Parliament and Big Ben before but you have to ‘know people’ or be part of a school/tour group to get inside so this was really exclusive and special. Did you know there is a pub inside of Parliament? They also sell chips that are flavored ‘turkey and stuffing’. Sounds disgusting, but tastes EXACTLY like Thanksgiving 🙂

On Saturday we took a free walking tour with our hostel and saw a few sights I had missed last time I was in London like Henry VIII’s palace. Our tour guide told the best stories about people breaking into Buckingham Palace and England’s history of violent torture and be-headings. Good stuff. The last day I got to spend with one of my roommates back home and we just walked down the river and saw all of the bridges and the London Tower. Definition of a perfect weekend! I have to say though that it was extremely weird to be in an English speaking country…first time that I have in over three months!

We came back to Granada all decorated for Christmas already. Obviously since there is no Thanksgiving here, there’s also no ‘rule’ that you have to wait to start Christmas until December. Although some of us celebrated Thanksgiving anyways! My program had a really nice dinner for our entire group plus all of our professors. I haven’t missed my family more since being here than on Thanksgiving, but it was still a good substitute to get to spend it with other people I love too!



  1. I am going to miss reading about your adventures, but will be glad to have you home. You have had a wonderful semester in Spain, and will have very happy memories of this trip. See you soon, Love you, Grandma

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