Posted by: morgangoesabroad | September 13, 2010

“Field Trip”

This past weekend our group went on a “field trip” to the beaches of Almuñeca, Spain. Needless to say- best field trip I have ever been on.  I would have been fine just staying on the bus the entire weekend because the views were so incredible.  The pictures I took can’t even do these views justice, although I gave it my best attempt.  I hope the people who live here know how lucky they are to wake up to such beautiful scenery every morning!

We started the trip with a stop in Nerja, which is about an hour south of Granada, to see the caves there. Nerja is home to the largest stalactite column in the whole world, and although the caves in general weren’t really that impressive, this specific site was. After that we drove about another twenty minutes to Almuñeca where we stayed in a hotel RIGHT on the beach for the next two days. The water is so crystal clear and clean there it’s insane. I am not one to really stray too far from the shore at a beach out of fear of the jellies and other ocean critters, but the Mediterranean is a whole different ball game. The very first day a guy from our group and I swam out to a bouy about 100 yards or so off of the shore.  It was probably one of the coolest swimming experiences of my life. I have no idea how deep the water was, or what was swimming around us (and I really would like to keep it that way…) but we were out in the MIDDLE of the Mediterranean ocean. Once we got to the buoy we were so far out that we could see past all the hotels to see mountains on all three sides.

The next day a few of us from the group swam out to these huge rocks and went cliff jumping (Spain obviously could care less about lifeguards…). This was really cool too, except that it took place right after we went to an aquarium and learned about all the different types of sharks that live in the Mediterranean…sooo I swam a little faster back to shore than the day before. My one complaint is that the beaches in Almuñeca do not have sand. It’s all rocks that get mucho caliente and hurt to walk on. The flip side though is that a lot of them were old tiles or glass that had smoothed over from being tossed in the waves and were really pretty to pick out. I’m not the biggest fan of sand anyway!

That night we went to a local flamenco festival. It was different from a flamenco show that you can see in any bar in Spain because it was a recital of all different levels and styles. It was a family outing type of atmosphere and felt like a real cultural immersion type of experience. All in all, an incredible weekend.Coming “home” was actually really weird because it was like coming home from vacation and going ‘back to the daily grind’. Except – we’re still in SPAIN. Best post vacation depression I’ve ever had 🙂

Today was one of my Spanish brother’s 26 birthday and it was really interesting to be here for something like that and compare the cultures. Lunch is the big meal that families eat together in Spain and our Mom had made him his favorite dish. And then we sang ‘Cumpleaños Feliz’ and had cheesecake. His Mom even took a picture of him right as he blew out the candles just like we do in my family back home. I really love that I get to experience the family life of Spain as well as its gorgeous beaches. Living with a family here has made the transition that much easier!



  1. You are really whetting our appetite to see what you are seeing. Will October ever come?

  2. This sounds fantastic! Keep up the good work with this blog.
    Love you,

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