Posted by: morgangoesabroad | September 6, 2010

Things I’ve learned so far:

Even though today was my first day of class, I’ve already learned a lot from being in Granada just 6 days. It’s really hard to even believe that I’ve already been here for 6 days…this semester is flying by already. So let me just recap what has happened already via a list of what I’ve learned:

  1. Always sleep on a red-eye flight, and always pretend to be a vegetarian. They get way better in flight meals.
  2. Never make eye contact with anyone carrying a huge bouquet of flowers.
  3. It’s a better idea to wait until you have known someone more than 12 hours before you inform them that your school celebrates a ‘naked day’. Even if those 12 hours have been spent crammed next to each other in coach.
  4. Taco in México does NOT mean taco in España…
  5. Asian tourists take the  best group pictures and are least likely to run off with your camera.
  6. There is a good way to get lost when exploring and a bad way…the difference is having money with you.
  7. However, the taxi drivers in Granada are very forgiving, and if you look pathetic and Americana enough, they will drive you home for free.
  8. Even though they are cute, Australian and understand English, maybe you should know them for more than five minutes before following them down into a ditch full of gypsies, climbing up into an aqueduct and forking over your camera…although this ended up working out for us.
  9. When programming a cell phone in a foreign country, don’t expect the person selling it to you to speak English, or be able to understand why you have no clue what your own phone number is.
  10. Silly Bandz are not an international trend…yet.

Can’t wait to see what I’ll learn from actual class.



  1. Morgan,
    I love seeing your pictures. One of you in front of Cafe Virginia is very cute!!!!


  2. OMG these could not be more true, I am dying of laughter.

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