Posted by: morgangoesabroad | September 3, 2010

Finally Here!

Granada is definitely my kind of town. I love it here already and its only been two days!..two veryyy long days.  I flew from Dulles to JFK, had a four hour layover, from JFK to Madrid-another four hour layover- and then Madrid to Granada. I left the house in Harrisburg at 8am eastern time on Tuesday and got to Granada around 9am eastern time on Wednesday. I slept maaaybe two hours total during all of that time. When we finally got here I wanted to be able to explore and see things right away, but all I could do was sleep. BUT the good news is that even though my suitcase definitely weighed about 55 pounds, I never paid one extra cent to fly it over here 🙂

The woman I am staying with is so awesome. She is divorced but has four children, one of whom still lives in our apartment along with another french exchange student named Emily. She does NOT however, speak a single word of english. I’m really glad though because I feel like I’ve learned a lot in only two days. Emily doesn’t speak much english either. I’m sharing a room with another UD student from our program but we have a lot of storage space and comfy beds so I don’t mind at all. Our flat is SO much nicer than I was expecting- we have wireless internet, a really nice bathroom and an AMAZING view of the mountains. The one thing we don’t have is air conditioning…which has been a little rough so far but the weather is gets really cool in the morning and night so it’s not so bad. The scenery here really can’t be explained…its sort of like a valley but these mountains are not ones that you can find anywhere in the U.S. Flying over them you could see all of the little olive tree farms- Granada is the number one producer of olives in the world!

I get three meals a day cooked by my madre and so far the food has been excellent. A lot of hard-boiled eggs and bread and chicken. The only thing I haven’t liked so far was this gazpacho soup that was tomato, olive oil and water with raw ham and hard-boiled egg…not so bueno. The Spanish eating schedule is really hard to get used to but I’m starting to get better. They eat a really small breakfast (in America its my favorite meal!) of only toast and juice or coffee, and then not again till lunch at 2:30. The first two days I was literally starving. Then lunch is a huge three course meal starting with a soup, then some sort of entrée and fruit for dessert. Dinner is at 8:30 and has been different every night. Last night we had cheeseburgers!

My school is beautiful and should hardly be considered a school. I’d go there to hang out even if we didn’t have to. It’s a big square building with an open atrium in the middle and they keep all of the windows and doors open to let in the breeze. Our classes are split into two terms, and I have two classes this term that meet from 10:30- 1:45 M-F. Next term I have three but no classes on friday! Our program director is a man named Jorge who is the cutest little old spanish man and very nice and welcoming. I’m really excited to start school and be able to meet other students besides the ones from UD that I have already met. So far everyone has been so friendly and we’ve all clicked together right away.

Te amo Granada!



  1. Morgan,

    I enjoyed reading all of your entries. Your writing makes me think that I’m there seeing it all through your eyes. Take care!
    Love you,

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